Airamap Pricing Guide

Get your remote sensing data processed accurately with Airamap.
No commitment fee, just pay-as-you-go.

Pricing Structure

Airamap works on a pay per use structure, with no commitment fees. We understand that your mapping needs fluctuate from time to time and hence, adjusted our pricing structure to ensure you get the most value from your projects.

You can pay exactly as needed or get more value through our top-up credit packages below. Airamap uses a credit system, whereby credits will be deducted for job orders. The credit deduction amount will depend on the size and complexity of the processing and analysis required.

Credit Packages

Browse through Airamap's credit top-up system below and find the correct package for your project.

1 Credit = RM1 = USD0.25
RM 500
3 Months free pro plan
RM 1,000
3 Months free pro plan
RM 2,000
6 Months free pro plan
RM 5,000
12 Months free pro plan
RM 10,000
12 Months free pro plan

Pricing Rates

Basic Pro
Price Per Year RM 0 RM 1000

Image Processing (Per Hectare)

Process and analyse data captured seamlessly to produce high quality information for analysis

Minimum Job Order Size 100 50
Stitching Service 2 1.5
Tree Count (Oil Palm) 2 1.5
Digitisation 4 3
GCP (minimum 3 GCP) 100 100
Multispectral Processing (Per Band) 2 1.5

Analysis & Reporting

Tools to make measurements, collaboration, sharing possible easily

Sharing No Yes
Annotations & Collaborations Yes Yes
Measurements Yes Yes
Download No Yes
Email Updates Yes Yes
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